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Dietmar Öhlmann

Dietmar is an international exhibited Artist and media designer. He is known for his incredible art that nobody forget. Called the joyful expressionist, Dietmar Öhlmann’s art works are powerful, colorful vibrant and positive. His artworks, may they are paintings, sculptures, photos, holograms, multimedia installations, all are related to the Light. They shake our senses, and question our mind. His research about what is the reality we perceive; when the mind "touches" an object with its senses brought him to participate to many conferences and seminars. He has initiated numerous projects like artBridge since 1989, and many exhibitions around the world.

Dietmar Öhlmann, Master of Arts, from the Royal College of Art, in London UK, Living in Germany


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Odile Meulien

For her, the artist’s vision gives orientations of our future societies. This is why she has analyzed, and promoted the art, science and technologies of holography and co founded ASTI in 1983. She has a powerful and personal art of exhibiting artworks and the Collection of Holography in respect with the space, the public and the communication of the artists . Since the publication of her paper called „The Holographic Thinking“she develops and teaches the perception of a multidimensional reality, to stimulate the potential of our creativity

Odile ist Sociologist and Curator, working Paris, France, and WashingtonDC, US and now in the Elsas.



Since 1992, Odile and Dietmar joined their forces , live and work on creative projects.


Our List of exhibition and artworks going back to 1980

This year we have been exhibit in Karlsruhe, Elsas and Portugal - City Museum Aveiro. May you like to visit us.

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we developed with our team from the data of Zaha Hadid a digital holographic print for the exhibition in 2017.

Presenting the Phaeno-Hologram to the Phaeno

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Some of our Artworks (original Laser light holograms).

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Presentation of DLR H2 at the MIT.