Design & Research

Hologram, 3D-Visualisation, 3D Film and Workshops

Art Design



Since 1987 Dietmar is working with a "Laser-Light-3D-brush", called hologram.

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3-D Design

3-D Visualisation

From CGI to VR. The digitale world overtakes the optical world and vice versa.

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Dietmar & Odile do not just taken part of exhibition. Our future Lab creates wonderworlds of light and creation.

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Application. We'll blow your mind.

From analog to digital, Holography always makes you wonder "How did they do it"???

We ask you: "leave all the techniques away! enjoy what is possible like watching a movie in the cinema."

Leave the design/ technique/print to us


From analog to digital

Wow-is this real? Find out yourself.

3D Illustration and new media for presentation open up a world of hyper reality.

Here is an example of mixed applications: To show the possibility of new research we have worked for the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in Germany on a project of new visualization. From the Battery to the PEM-Cell transforming Hydrogen in Energy we created an educational video projected on a 4-D screen. This makes it possible to show scientific exploration in a time-space continuum.


F-Cell illustration

Research and Education . Wonder-Edu.

Today we wonder how we can access new possibilities of creation and innovation.

Dietmar & Odile are doing conferences, lecturing and training in your places to bring you a world of new experiences of 4D realities.

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Strasbourg 2011