Unfolding the Light

by Odile Meulien, curator and private collector

A trip in the artist's universe

“What do we see? do you see the light? Do you see white light? Doest light has surface? Dietmar’s work is a life search about the reality we perceive when the mind “touches” an object with its senses.

“By Looking at a hologram and working with prism and diffraction gratings, I learn to explore the many and fantastic reflections of the light playing with surfaces and creating some king of images, in a multidimensional universe.” Dietmar Öhlmann 2018

His subjects, very often woman body or nature, are just pretext to explore and transform the fairytale of the performance of light moving in an endless time, space, continuum.

Painting with Light

  • Dreaming of painting with light, Dietmar works with whatever tools he feels to transmit emotions, feelings, and exchanges. Light unifies.
  • Remember that in the whole, everything and everyone are interrelated. How strong is this light we never see, and constantly feel.
  • The experience of the holographic technique allows Dietmar to transform light into spatial and colorful information revealing what our eyes capture, our memory forgot, and our mind separates.
  • The constraints of the media push him to search for other way to create his holographic experience without being bound to its technique.
  • The conceptual training he experienced with holography helps him to create his new spatial light creation with combinations of different media together, like mirror and sculpture, diffraction and painting, diffraction and object, and lately painting with string and oils, watercolor, water, on canvas, textile, and paper.
  • The perspectives he sees and expresses can be distracting to our mind. Very often the question comes; what do we see? where are we? This is well represented in his recent painting series “Ortenau Impressions”. Although the images can show simple trees, the positioning, the space, the dimension in which the painting invites us to come, push the observer to search where he stands like in holographic multidimensional scenery.
  • Dietmar generally answers, let it flow!. Let your emotions flow to capture the many dimensions of the unfolding of light.


Holography Impression 2018

One of his recent works is “Heilung” displayed in the summer 2018 at the city Museum of Aveiro. It is a real highlight of the series “Lineage”, a mixed media combining holographic and painting works.

The healing bodies face each other creating a flow of vibrations transforming their substance. As you move you see the hologram superposed to the painting, or just the painting, or something else.

All is movement, multiplication of dualistic implication, reflection, and reaction. Dimension and surface, painting+wood and light, facing construction of human bodies.


The same exhibition was also showing “Between art and science”, E=mcc. The screaming faces of the artist, reflecting himself infinitely trapped in a holographic lens, and surrounded by nails, spread all around, remembering atomic particles flying away from the portraits of the lens.


a spiritual experience

A constellation familiar

The holographic impressions are part of the series “Lineage” which means the descent, the origin. The series began in 2016 with a family constellation in which the artist Dietmar Öhlmann experiences the ancestors, the origin of a stranger.

Today physic reminds us that all information’s are memorized, the past is there, information about our ancestors are not just in the memory of the collective culture, but in ourselves. The memory we want to hold is confronted to constantly changing configurations, as if we would be all migrants of Time and Space.

Painting with a string

  • The idea of the string as the tool of painting came naturally. His first experiences show many abstract patterns full of colors and strength, the water reacted to the paper, and the vibrations of lines and circles get juxtaposed with surfaces.
  • Now we can see: „Pfad“ painting of a meditative figure with holographic diffraction „Wandlung“ a wonderful work where the guided colors on papers make and repeat sort of alien faces with ether tones;
  • “Metamorphoses” where the structure of the tree trunk let appears quantity of faces bodies and other elements different to each observer and placing all natural elements in an intrinsic binding with invisible forces of the nature;
  • Schwarzwald natives” represents the Collective memory of the traditional costumes of our past (700 years of Ekersweier) changing in our present time space configurations


Lineage 2016 to 2017


Reflection of Light

more paintings by Dietmar Öhlmann